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Intrada TeamIntrada’s Website and Internet Marketing Team is made up of several individuals focused on the primary components on a development project:


  • Project Manager or Webmaster is responsible for all aspects of the project beginning with client interaction through development to end user presentation. The Project Manager also works directly with the Account Executive during the proposal process to ensure that the clients’ requests are all included and Intrada understands all expectations.
  • Account Executive’s obligation is to deliver the correct solution the client. By working with the Project Manager an efficient plan and strategy are created to insure the success of the project. The Account Executive remains in continual contact with the client and involved in project meetings to ensure the clients’ expectations are exceeded.
  • Strategic Planning and Public Relations task is to identify the presentation in both content and visual tone to obtain the required result. Focused on researching competitors and determining market share on the target prospect requires unique training and abilities. Once this information is collected and reviewed with the Project Manager, a detailed Internet Marketing Campaign is created with foundation information to insure focus and consistency.
  • Marketing Manager handles SEO / SEM / SMM Services and Functions. The Marketing Manager works to build content frameworks for initial develop that enables all progress to be Search Engine Optimized as a project is launched. This then allows the Marketing Manager to prepare and focus on Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing campaigns once the project is launched. This provides an increased onboarding time to campaign development and launch. The Marketing Manager then focuses on Search Engine Marketing and continual goals by building off the initial foundation build during development.
  • Graphical Design handles the visual creation and presentation of the company’s brand and online images. Working directly with the Project Manager and Strategic Planner to support the delivery of information for both the target prospect and also the general visitor.
  • Content Manager handles the research and creation of content used in both Websites and Internet Marketing Campaigns. Content Manager is focused on Topic, Industry Focus, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Style, Tone and End User to insure message is presented correctly.
  • Front End Programmer handles the development of the visual presentation of your website, application or campaign. Generally working with detailed placement and styles to insure that everything works as expected on all browsers and media devices.
  • Back End Programmer handles the behind the scenes programming related to code framework and database interaction with servers. Focus is on security, reliability and speed.
  • Content Programmer handles the creation of individual pages across all development services to remove the load from the Front and Back End Programmers.
  • Quality Assurance handles proofing and quality check lists to insure nothing was missed or overlooked. The Quality Assurance person is generally not included in any project meetings and is assigned to review a project only when ready to go live. This allows a fresh pair of eyes to review for general mistakes and also question any function that does not make sense or causes confusion. This will often catch simple grammar or navigation suggestions, allowing for a successful launch.

Intrada Team ManagementIntrada’s Network Management team is based on a tiered concept allowing specialized staff to focus on specific projects. This is done with three levels of support:


  • vCIO – Virtual Chief Information Officer oversees all technical staff and monitors network activity, Quality Of Service based on established Service Level Agreements. The vCIO also works directly with the Account Executive during the proposal process to ensure that all the clients’ requests are included and Intrada understands all expectations.
  • Account Executive’s obligation is to deliver the correct solution to the client. Working with the vCIO to create an efficient plan and strategy to insure the success of the project. The Account Executive remains in continual contact with the client and involved in project meetings to ensure the clients’ expectations are exceeded.
  • Level 1 – Help Desk Technician handles all incoming Help Desk calls and manages all user workstations to insure patching, security and reliability. In the event a Level 1 Help Desk Technician cannot resolve the situation, they will correspond with a Level 2 Network Technician.
  • Level 2- Network Technician focuses on Server and Network related requests. This could be a current situation or planning of new services. Level 2 Network Technicians also support Level 1 Help Desk Technicians with requests that require a higher level of network access and administration. In the event a Level 2 Network Technician cannot resolve the situation, they will include a Level 3 Network Admin for assistance.
  • Level 3 – Network Administrators handle server and network management to keep systems stable, secure and running at peak performance. Network Administrators also handle all system configuration and infrastructure requirements based on working with the vCIO.
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Expertise - David is one of today’s new breed of technology pioneers creating, building and managing technology for today’s business environment. In 2000, David co-founded Intrada Technologies, Inc. In 2001, Intrada partnered with Micro-One Computer Center to create Micro-Link, a regional ISP serving more than 2000 dial-up customers. He also developed a public wireless network for commercial industry in Williamsport / Montoursville / Montgomery, PA that includes corporate email, broadband, VPN, firewall, network management, consulting, installation and training. In 2004, he sold the Dialup and Wireless portions of the business, with Intrada assuming the Micro-Link hosting and commercial ISP services. Today, David’s primary business focus is web development and network management.

Client Depth - David’s clients include health care, telecommunications, retail outlets and cataloging, and web-based robotic management systems. He has implemented full E-commerce and inventory billing systems, visual packing and shipping systems and other E-commerce solutions for large distributors with EDI interfaces and multiple vendors.

Accomplishments - David gained his expertise from a unique combination of formal education, natural ability, and on-the-job learning. He acquired his business acumen studying business management and computer programming at Pennsylvania College of Technology. In addition, David studied privately with renowned lighting and theater designer Stan Prestner at UCLA, where he learned the intricacies of light engineering and design and electrical sound reinforcement for live performance.

In addition, David continues to pursue advanced training in new media and technology developments.  570-321-7370 x102


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