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Blogging and Website Content Development

by in Digital Media and Internet Development
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The Monthly “Steal” by David Steele

The Monthly “Steal” is a bit of relevant technology information intertwined with personal thoughts, opinions and some real life experiences. It is written by David “Steele” and is free, hence a “steal” from a “Steele”.

Computer MouseI have been encouraging our clients to start blogging, setup news feeds, create knowledgebase or anything that talks about their services to help increase keyword counts. It’s like pulling teeth and some of our clients are dentists! As a developer, we need content to help position websites organically on search engines. And, as I told the landscaper, content does not grow on trees. I use the analogy that websites are like a camp fire. You can build a huge fire by adding a little Boy Scout juice and the neighbors will take notice. But, if you don’t keep adding fuel, it will go out. Or, drop the frozen chicken wings into the outdoor cooker too quickly and you get everyone’s attention, as I found out this past weekend.

I explain to our clients that we can build a great web site, but if you don’t continue to feed it with content and market your site, organic search placement will not always work. But, in the back of my mind during all these sessions, I keep hearing – what about Intrada’s blog. Agh!

I’m no writer, blogger, or even qualified to use English at times. Just ask my senior English teacher who I thinks my father paid off the school so I would pass the 12th grade. I am the perfect example of why it’s recommended to write at an 8th grade level when communicating with people online – it’s a stat. So, what’s the big deal?

I focus on the online strategy and purpose of each media resource to maximize organic placement of our clients’ websites. I learned a long time ago that I need to leave the writing to the professionals and design to the designers. But, I want to know the estimated traffic, who is the target prospect, who are the competitors, what is the message and desired goals our client wants to accomplish.

How we communicate is changing so fast that we don’t even notice what we are missing and to get our message out quickly sometimes requires a pause to figure out what to say next. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Google TrendsWhat are your goals for organic keyword/key phase placement? We use Google Keyword Planner to identify our search words and estimated volume.
  2. Where do you currently show up under these keyword/key phase placements and who is your online competition? We use MOZ to track our current and competitor ranking.
  3. MOZWe focus our new content to include keywords/key phases in our target placement and use social media sites to drive traffic to these articles.

This process gives me a focus for the content development by supporting both social and organic goals. But this still brings me back to the time required to create this content. It’s hard because this content is an investment to your website and does not always produce instant return. Intrada provides structured content development for clients based on organic placement goals. This same content is then used on social media sites, new media development and online advertising campaigns. We also use this content to stay in contact with clients through email blasts and traditional print media. But, it requires setting time aside to research, plan and develop the content to support your entire digital marketing efforts. Create a calendar, set some goals and reserve off the time to get started. Start small, but be specific with content focused on an organic placement goal then watch, test and measure.

Intrada has been developing content on a regular basis as it allows better placement on competitive AdWords campaigns, increased visibility on organic search goals and has fueled our social media growth. Start writing and share why you should be noticed.

If you are interested in learning more about Intrada, give me a call or email me today.

David Steele, Partner / Webmaster
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Expertise - David is one of today’s new breed of technology pioneers creating, building and managing technology for today’s business environment. In 2000, David co-founded Intrada Technologies, Inc. In 2001, Intrada partnered with Micro-One Computer Center to create Micro-Link, a regional ISP serving more than 2000 dial-up customers. He also developed a public wireless network for commercial industry in Williamsport / Montoursville / Montgomery, PA that includes corporate email, broadband, VPN, firewall, network management, consulting, installation and training. In 2004, he sold the Dialup and Wireless portions of the business, with Intrada assuming the Micro-Link hosting and commercial ISP services. Today, David’s primary business focus is web development and network management.

Client Depth - David’s clients include health care, telecommunications, retail outlets and cataloging, and web-based robotic management systems. He has implemented full E-commerce and inventory billing systems, visual packing and shipping systems and other E-commerce solutions for large distributors with EDI interfaces and multiple vendors.

Accomplishments - David gained his expertise from a unique combination of formal education, natural ability, and on-the-job learning. He acquired his business acumen studying business management and computer programming at Pennsylvania College of Technology. In addition, David studied privately with renowned lighting and theater designer Stan Prestner at UCLA, where he learned the intricacies of light engineering and design and electrical sound reinforcement for live performance.

In addition, David continues to pursue advanced training in new media and technology developments.  570-321-7370 x102


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