Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

Inbound Marketing
Search Engine Optimization refers to successfully placing a client’s business, service and product listings on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) under keywords through free, organic, editorial or natural search results. The process, concepts and terminology can sometimes be overwhelming and frustrating to clients in this continually changing industry. But at Intrada, SEO is just part of the bigger picture called Inbound Marketing. By managing all your inbound traffic together under a single plan removes the confusion and provides a solid management foundation.

Intrada’s process is to increase traffic using SEO combined with Link Building, Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing which enables success through focus and trackable results. Intrada will work with already placed staff or provide the complete team to handle the campaign requirements.

The team and campaign are created through the following phases:

Assessment: The Intrada assessment process identifies detailed information on who the client is, what they do and who they want to reach. With this information, Intrada reviews the following items to build a strategy to accomplish the client’s goals:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Review Analytics
  • Run Ranking, Linking, Crawl and Keyword Count Reports
  • Website Audit (Meta Data / Links / Code and Framework / Visual Presentation / Content Presentation and Tone / Usability Study / Duplicate Content / Schema / Sitemap / Robots)
  • Social Media Audit (Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Google+ / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Blogging)
  • Website Review Audit (Google / Yahoo / Bing)
  • Review any Search Engine Marketing Campaigns (Pay Per Click (PPC) / E-Blasts / Landing Page / 3rd Party Sites)
  • Review any Print Campaigns (Paper / Magazine / Mailing / Outdoor / Brochure / Sell Sheets)
  • Determine Who Is and How Does the target user use the Internet
  • Strategy: Internet Marketing Scope (IMS) is the foundation of all Intrada projects, providing consistent information to all team members. This document outlines the entire “blueprint” to allow:

    • SEO Focus and Goals
    • Linking Management
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Website Content and Message
    • 3 Party Site Usage

    Execution: Intrada’s team uses multiple tools to provide continual management of the entire campaign.

    • Establish Team and Assign Resources (this can be shared between clients resources or made up completely of Intrada staff)
    • Conduct Launch Meeting to Assign Tasks and Schedule Project
    • Search Engine Ranking and Activity Monitoring
    • Webmaster Management and Client Communications
    • Reporting and Analytics:

      • All progress is measured and available in a non-technical format to insure transparency and return on investment.

      SEO is continually changing and companies are fighting to prove their content is more relevant than that of the competition. Intrada’s process is designed to increase website placement through a strategic approach allowing transparency and accountability.



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