PRO-Active Internet Marketing

PRO-Active Internet Marketing 

PRO-Active Internet Management is built on the same foundation as PRO-Active Network Management, but with a web marketing focus. Online campaigns can be very time intensive to provide a continuous quality presentation. Intrada’s PRO-Active Internet Management is customized to our clients to provide the necessary resources to create, manage and track successful online campaigns. Available in many configurations from part time social media management to a web team handling multiple focus points, all covered under a single monthly fee.

PRO-Active Internet Management services generally work in conjunction with PRO-Active Website Management to add supporting content to websites for social media linking and landing page concepts.

PRO-Active Website Management and PRO-Active Internet Management services are designed to provide our clients with continual support and development services for Websites and all Internet related campaigns. Intrada will work monthly with our clients to perform a defined set of tasks and services covering:

PRO-Active Internet Marketing Internet Marketing

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Digital Marketing or Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Digital Marketing refers to online marketing, internet marketing or web marketing. Intrada creates and manages all campaigns based on the Internet Marketing Scope (IMS) to ensure return on investment is within set goals and expectations. This is a continual process that Intrada monitors and adjusts to insure the highest level of return.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization refers to getting a client’s website listed and traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines. Intrada creates and manages website and digital marketing campaigns based on the Internet Marketing Scope (IMS) to ensure consistency and trackable results. Intrada does this through continual content creation, content placement, tagging and continual strategic message delivery across all media channels to improve ranking and value of the client’s website. This is a continual process to monitor, adjust and add new content to insure the highest level of return.

Social Media Management (SMM)
Social Media Management refers to management of the popular sites like: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine and flickr. Intrada works with clients to establish a Social Media Usage Policy for both internal staff and the public community. Once this policy is established, Intrada breaks all campaigns into two categories as part of the Internet Marketing Scope (IMS):

  1. Communications and Interaction: Identify how Social Media will be used to communicate and present the company brand through content, public relations, images and communications. With guidelines and procedures in place, Intrada staff is able to create postings, engage both in a push or pull communication, respond to requests and be socially active with the online prospect.
  2. Emergency and Dark Page Response: Social Media is real time and requires real time administration. In the event of negative or crisis situations, Intrada has staff available with extensive experience to quickly address and respond with crisis communications.

PRO-Active Website Management Website Management

Proactive Web Services

Help Desk and User Support
Intrada’s PRO-Active services include a help desk focused and dedicated to our clients. From quick questions to critical solutions, our help desk is available to assist with any related situation. Built using the same Help Desk framework used to manage entire IT infrastructures, Intrada Help Desk Portal provides access to staff and follow up based on client Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Help Desk Portal
A great help desk should make life easier by handling tickets to ensure issues are corrected so your staff can focus. Intrada’s goal is to get Help Desk Tickets to the proper destination for fast resolution to provide an amazing help desk experience. Intrada’s Help Desk Portal ensures every Help Desk Ticket is assigned to the appropriate technician and escalated when necessary based on the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Graphical dashboards allow monitoring of ticket volume and performance at resolving issues. Help Desk Portal can also notify customers and technicians at different ticket stages to keep everyone in the loop.

Help Desk Portal allows us to:

  • Capture every issue and resolution on a ticket
  • Manage dispatching and scheduling efficiently to ensure SLA is achieved
  • Increase staff utilization on both the client and tech
  • Capture all time for accountability or training purposes
  • Review and confirm quality of service to ensure highest return on investment

Help Desk Coverage
Intrada Help Desk coverage is based on your PRO-Active Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Help Desk is available to ALL PRO-Active clients - Monday > Friday – 8:00 AM > 5:00 PM EST. All systems are monitored 24/7 and response outside the default help desk hours are based on your Service Level Agreement. Contact Intrada for more information or click here for options to review extended coverage and Holiday Schedule.

Content, Messaging and Communication
Intrada specializes in providing content relevant for the target audience based on the delivery method. Intrada refers to these delivery methods as media channels. To maximize message delivery and audience acceptance requires a plan and team approach.

Every website, blog, e-blast, post, tag and ad has a specific target audience that requires a different type and level of content to deliver the desired message. Our goals is identify the client’s goals, create a campaign and deliver the message to attain the desired result.

  • Quality: Hand-pick writer after reviewing samples, certification and endorsements.
  • Scale: Access to more writers to handle large projects.
  • Standards: All writers are bound by the PRSA Code of Ethics
  • Authorship: Credibility and Google+ Authority for appeal to both readers and search engines

Application Monitoring and Management
Intrada monitors and manages web applications including infrastructures 24x7 to ensure the shortest downtime and quickest response. Immediate notification of performance degradation or service unavailability is sent to the technical support team to confirm and address the situation.

Hosting Support is included with any hosting package provided by Intrada Technologies. Hosting support is available with commercial hosting applications, like Rackspace, under custom agreements. Intrada does not include hosting support with shared or outsourced hosting platforms as part of a PRO-Active agreement

Intrada will keep all software to the latest stable version (approved software) with any hosting package provided by Intrada Technologies. This is to insure stability and decrease security vulnerabilities.

PRO-Active Webmaster Management Management

Web Master Management

The Webmaster’s principle role is to manage all aspects including brand and message across the Internet. This includes providing website administration, planning, budgeting and strategic direction to insure client satisfaction. The Webmaster meets with the client on a regular basis to review analytics, campaigns, projects, online image, goals and objectives related to website and all associated resources provided by Intrada.

At Intrada, the webmaster works directly with our clients to develop the Internet Marketing Scope (IMS). This is the foundation, or roadmap, used to build and manage all related services to insure consistency and efficiently, maximizing return. This process has proven to lower costs, organize and increase our client’s return on investment by simply organizing what seems by most as un-organizable.

The webmaster oversees and provides accountability for:

  • Design and Development
  • Content and Messaging (web / social / ads / reviews / blog)
  • Web Analytics
  • Social Media Management (SMM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Mobile Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Email Marketing
  • Internet Marketing Scope (IMS)
  • Hosting and Site Performance

See Intrada Internet Team for more information on staff allocation and responsibilities.



All PRO-Active agreements are customized to our client’s specific needs and based on detailed Internet Marketing Scopes (IMS) to identify all covered items.



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