Locky VirusA new ransomware, Locky, has been discovered and is causing problems for computer users everywhere. The Locky ransomware encrypts your data files, locks you out of them and then demands .5 bitcoins to decrypt your files. This virus is particularly nasty due to its ability to encrypt files on unmapped network shares.

In addition to locking your files, Locky will completely change your file name, making it that much more difficult to restore the right data.

Worried about getting the Locky ransomware on your computer? Here are some more details about the virus:

  1. Locky is installed through email, particularly fake invoices Currently, Locky is installed through an invoice. You will receive an email with a subject containing an invoice and an attached document. When the document is opened, the text is scrambled and you will have to enable macros to make the text readable.
  2. The virus will encrypt your data The moment you enable macros within the file, Locky is on your computer. It begins to encrypt your data and change the file names. It will scan all local drives and unmapped network shares to find files.
  3. Recovery instructions will appear Your wallpaper will change to instructions on how to retrieve your data. This is the ransom note for your data. You will be instructed to visit a decrypter page, purchase bitcoins and send them to an address. Once your payment is made, you are provided the way to decrypt your files.

Locky is an easy trap to fall into because missing an invoice or not making a payment is something most people try to avoid. Remember to be conscious of emails from unknown senders, specifically when they have attachments.

If you do fall victim to the Locky virus, contact Intrada Technologies. Diagnostics are free at Intrada and Virus/Malware Removals start at just $69.95!