Colleagues on a Web Conference

The A-E-I-O-Us of Event Streaming

How can a successful three-day conference, a non-profit’s largest fundraising gala, or an educational seminar still occur with the gathering size limitations being enforced due to a national pandemic? Enter – event streaming.

While in-person, face-to-face events have been the norm for many years, we need to learn to pivot and shift our thoughts regarding how we plan events. We need to develop an informative, enjoyable, and engaging event for virtual attendees. To help you, we have created the AEIOUs of event streaming.


Planning a three-day virtual conference is very different from a three-day in-person conference. Although an 8 am-3 pm day of seminars along with a break for lunch, snacks, and dinner in the evening with colleagues is typical – sitting in front of a computer screen for that amount of time sounds exhausting. Hello, Zoom fatigue!

Considering that, you need to do a complete event audit to see what needs to be included, what can be removed, and what should be added to both meet your internal event goals and meet your audience’s wants and desires. Why you plan an event and what you hope to achieve is often radically different than why your audience attends the event and what they hope to receive.


After you conduct an event audit, you need to put your thinking cap on and decide how to make your event more engaging. An online audience and a face-to-face audience are very different. A three-hour luncheon with a speaker could be greatly condensed to maybe 30 or 45 minutes.

What is going to keep your online audience interested in your event instead of the work emails that are piling up or projects that are pressing? Think about ways that you can make your online event special, interesting and compelling for the people attending.

If you still would like to serve lunch, deliver e-gift cards to local restaurants or have attendees pick boxed lunches up at a designated area or delivered to their home or office. Get your creative juices flowing.

Is Here to Stay

Experts say restrictions on gatherings will be gradually lifted as we approach the late summer and early fall months of 2021. Where does that leave event streaming?

While many attendees will want to attend your in-person events, you will still have those who can’t, but would like to. When we get to that point, a hybrid event model (in-person/event streaming) will become a part of your event planning and management diction.

Also, offering a hybrid event can provide additional revenue for your organization that you never considered. More people may attend. More donors may participate. You can offer recorded event sessions again later for a fee. There are a lot of options!

(Be) Open

We can be sure of a few things in life, and change is one of them. Be open to incorporating event streaming into your event management toolbox in one way or another. Whether it means holding a hybrid event or a webinar, embrace it.

Untapped Opportunity

Event streaming has many benefits and can be an untapped opportunity. It offers a greater reach, engagement, future audience views and can grow your website traffic. While providing more visibility, it also gives your event a longer shelf life if you decide to record it. Event streaming can be one of the most powerful and cost-effective delivery platforms for your company’s communication toolbox.

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