Staff Spotlight: James Haywood, Project Coordinator

When James Haywood joined Intrada Technologies in August 2019, Intrada’s owners, David Steele and Paul Boyer, expected an increase in clients and sales.

After a few months, it was clear that David and Paul had made a great choice with this hire. James’ interpersonal skills and fun-loving personality brought more to Intrada than expected.

James has worked well with the Intrada crew from the outset – helpfully relating to both technology-focused programmers and non-technical prospects and clients.

James Haywood and Family

He brings creativity and new ideas to Intrada, benefitting the office. Many of his efforts have grown our team’s camaraderie and raised morale. Some notable successes include engaging everyone in the office with fun holiday parties or epic game tournaments after hours.

Intrada has also benefitted from James’ commitment to fulfilling our mission to create ongoing, trusted partnerships and provide customized information technology solutions. He enjoys connecting with people and manages our clients’ experiences well with good communication and insightful problem- solving.

James tackles challenges with tenacity. This may be due to his love of learning, fondness of strategic board games and diverse career experiences – especially his service in the US Army. James’ passion to learn, grow and help others is summed up in his favorite quote by Albert Einstein, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

“This quote challenges me to research until I truly understand. And when I truly understand, then I can explain it various ways to others so they do too,” James stated.

As he has grown in his understanding of Intrada’s variety of technology services, one that stands out to James is our PRO-Active Network Support.

“I really like the way networking and IT work together through our Networking Support services,” James said. “Our PRO-Active agreements keep clients’ networks secure, reliable and productive.”

Stable and secure networks are not the only things that make Intrada Technologies special, though, he emphasized.

“Intrada does its best to only offer the best solution [to clients],” James shared. “A lot of companies look for the sale first, but we look for the solution first. We truly are committed to our clients’ success and building trusted partnerships with every client.”

James Haywood Having Fun

Working for Intrada Technologies has opened doors of opportunity for James to build relationships and give back to the community as well. He is currently the Vice President of the Williamsport Rotary and will serve as President again in July 2021. Rotary service allows James to mobilize and work with other like-minded business people to serve and raise funds for the betterment of the greater Williamsport area and abroad.

When not organizing in-office Rap Battles, helping clients find the best solutions with technology, or serving our local and international communities, James enjoys spending time with his wife and son, playing guitar and playing or watching sports.

To connect with James Haywood, call 800-858-5745 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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