Computer Basics Explained: What is the Cloud?

Now more than ever, at work, at home, everyone is talking about the Cloud. And no – not the type of cloud you learned about in elementary science class.

When defining computing terms, a visual example can help wrap your head around a specific concept. With that said, let’s picture this…a local storage facility in your hometown. The storage facility, in computing terms, is the Internet. The storage units together make up the Cloud.

Benefits of the Cloud

Have you ever worked on a document for hours, forgot to save it, and the power went out? Or have you ever experienced the notorious ‘black screen’ and were unable to access any files off your computer? Losing information you have worked on for hours is frustrating. The Cloud can help prevent this from happening, which is why it has become so popular.

The Cloud allows anyone to store and access data and programs via the Internet instead of their own computer’s hard drive. Therefore, you could view files from anywhere, not just from your corner office desk.

One of the most popular Cloud platforms is Office 365. This platform has changed how we work, allowing companies to become mobile and increasing productivity, accessibility, and security. The Cloud offers many features like multi-user file access, auto-save features, and the ability to share files with individuals outside your organization, like clients or customers.

Cloud Concerns

While the Cloud has its benefits, it has its challenges, specifically security concerns and license creep (better known as an IV drip).

Security Concerns
When employees are working remotely, how do employers know what they are truly doing? How do businesses know their data is protected if it can be accessed from anywhere? A lack of complete control over who can access your company’s sensitive information is one of the many security concerns with switching your data storage over to the Cloud.

License Creep
License creep, also known as your monthly Cloud IV drip in the computing world, is another concern.
All the Cloud providers have made the customization of your account easy. It is also easy to add services. Need more disk space? Press a button. Need another account? Press a button. Before you know it – your monthly costs associated with using the Cloud turns into a lot more than you budgeted – hence the term IV drip (it slowly adds up).

How can Intrada help?

While Intrada Technologies is not PRO-Cloud, we look at it as a tool in your productivity toolbox and we can help you do the same. We are very experienced in the management of the Cloud and, specifically, Office 365 configurations. We can explain the benefits and challenges so you can decide if it is the right move for your business. For a free technical assessment, contact us today at (570) 321-7370.